Gang NPC

  • Gang NPC are spawned inside the gang territory, you need to configure it using the admin panel otherwise just regular NPC will spawn in the zone and the gang won't be able to interact with them.

Sell Items

  • Gang NPC can sell items, if the NPC belongs to your gang you can use the target system and open a stash, every 15 minutes the server will take all NPC stashes and replace them with money or the item(s) you have configured in config/npc.lua > Config.SellItems

  • You need to check the NPC stashes periodically to get your rewards.

Robbing NPC

  • Rival gangs can rob your NPC by using the target system on them, players from the NPC gang will be alerted.

  • The NPC will drop some cash and open the stash.

  • You can retrieve that stolen cash from the gang account by editing the av_gangs:getMoney event in server/editable/npc.lua, is on you to make the needed edits that removes the money from the gang bank.

  • Rival gang can lose XP and your gang will earn it if the robbery is successful.

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