Paleto Heist


Compatible with QBCore and ESX

Installation Guide

  • QBCore: 1) Open Config.lua > set Config.Framework = "QBCore" and Config.TargetSystem = "qb-target". 2) Go to items folder and import items_qbcore to your shared/items.lua. 3) Check minigames.txt for the minigames download link.

  • ESX: 1) If you are using the latest ESX release open fxmanifest.lua and uncomment line 13. 2) If you are using the old ESX where you need "esx:getSharedObject" go to client_editable/framework.lua and uncomment line 4 | server_editable/framework.lua and uncomment line 6 - 7. 3) Go to items folder and import items.sql into your database. 4) Open Config.lua > set Config.Framework = "ESX" and Config.TargetSystem = "qtarget".

Map needed for heist is made by Gabz (not included):


All minigames exports are located inside client_editable/minigames.lua. I don't recommend changing any of this if you don't know what you are doing.

How it Works

1) You have to hack the Paleto Power Plant to initiate the heist, if you don't complete this step u won't be able to interact with door panels at Bank. 2) Once you exploded the power plant go to Bay City Bank and open the back side door, hack the electric panel to enable the minigames on payphone, atm and lobby pc. 3) Hack the entrance to the security room and check "office 1" camera, you will see a random number / 25, this means you need to increase/decrease the random number until it matches the 25. 4) To accomplish this you have to hack the ATM, payphone and/or office PC, every hack gives specific points: Left Payphone: 8 points Right Payphone: -3 points Left ATM: -2 points Right ATM: 4 points Lobby PC: -1 points 5) When the number matches 25 it will show you the office password on camera and the next office code will be unlocked. ¿Why I see the server object on camera but not in game? To prevent any kind of map crash, the server object is created client side and removed when you stop using the camera. 6) At Office 3 you will find a safe minigame, once you crack it use the third eye again to reveal the vault code. 7) Go to the vault panel and hack it. 8) This is the last part of the heist, use the drill minigame to loot the safebox and escape the bank.

Offices and vault codes are generated randomly on every server start and after cooldown is finished to prevent people doing Metagaming.

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