Illegal Runs

How does it works?

  • The script generates a random NPC for every drug from config.

  • The default run is for meth (uses the item meth_batch from av_meth script).

  • If your drug item doesn't use any metadata containing the strain info, the script will use the player identifier (from the player who starts the mission) as strain for reputation.

  • The player needs to deposit a min amount of bags to start the mission. (editable)

  • Once the mission is started the NPC stash will be wiped and the player has 60 minutes to complete the mission before losing everything. (editable)

  • The first mission location is for the job vehicle, this is an armored vehicle that will be used to reach all the other zones to stealth the packages.

  • The script doesn't use any group system, everything is based on the job vehicle, it detects everything server side, even if the player who started the run disconnects anyone else on server can continue with the job as long as they have access to the job vehicle.

  • If the job vehicle gets destroyed, deleted or it can't reach new locations the script will not create any new zone and the run will just stop until it reaches the time limit.

  • In each zone you'll encounter gang members and a vehicle that contains the illegal package in its trunk.

  • Once the run is completed you can go back to the NPC and sell the packages, each package contains metadata with the amount of money per package, the strain name and the drug used for run, all this info is used to pay the player.

  • Note: If you use any admin command to give an illegal package you won't receive any money from the NPC because it won't contain the needed metadata (strain, price and drug name).


  • Don't restart this resource on a live server. Even though there's a function that wipes the NPC and vehicles, some might be left over.

  • Never edit the .json files.


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