1) Import the import.sql file to your database. 2) Go to Categories folder and edit all the vehicles prices and default stock values. 3) Add the resource to your server and setup your Framework in config/_config.lua. 4) Start your server, the script will start to import all the vehicles from categories folder to your database automatically. 5) Go to config/_vehicleshop.lua and edit the shops, by default the vehicle shop comes configured for Gabz PDM, make sure to change coords if you have a different map. Optional: Add your Discord Webhook for logs in server/framework/framework.lua Note: You need the server build 2372 (Tuners DLC or newer) enabled in your server.

Custom Frameworks

  • You are gonna need to download ox_lib and modify all the Framework functions in the resource, don't worry, everything Framework related is open.

  • Go to fxmanifest.lua and replace the code with:

fx_version "cerulean"
description "AV Vehicleshop"
author "Avilchiis"
version '2.0.0'
lua54 'yes'
games {

ui_page 'web/build/index.html'

shared_scripts {
 '@ox_lib/init.lua', -- Uncomment this if you aren't using ESX/QBCore

client_scripts {

server_scripts {

files {

escrow_ignore { 

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