Here you can find the contracts generated when you buy stock or win an auction.

a) Contract card: It has some details about the vehicle and the Start Contract button, if there's someone else doing this contract the button will be disabled.


  • To start a contract you need to press the Start Contract button, you will receive a notification telling you to take the Truck from the spawn point. If the dealership doesn't have a truck spawn you will receive a red notification and the contract will not be started.

  • Take the truck from the spawn point by pressing E. Note: You can only spawn the truck if you start a contract.

  • Drive to the marked location in your GPS, you can change this coords in config and is the same for all dealerships.

  • Park close to the yellow blip and press E to spawn the trailer, make sure there's no vehicles blocking the spawn point.

  • The trailer will be spawned, attach it to your truck and drive back to the dealership.

  • Once you are back in the dealership spawn press E to complete the contract.

  • The stock will be added to the vehicle in the Warehouse Tab.

Note: If a player crashes during a contract, he can come back and restart it from the dealership panel by canceling and starting it again, if the player never joins back, the contract will remain disabled until next server restart.

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