a) Today's sales, this number is reset on every resource restart.

b) Available funds, the money deposited into the dealership account.

c) The number of vehicles in stock, a combination between the ones from warehouse and pre owned tabs.

d) Available, here you can enable/disable the dealership blip on map.

e) Top vehicle, this value is reset the 1st of every month, it displays an image and the name of the most purchased vehicle.

f) Top categories, the most popular categories in this month, this value gets reset too every 1st of month.

g) Top seller, it will show the employees name with the higher sells of the month.

h) New vehicles, it shows how many vehicles you have imported this month (bought stock).

i) Monthly sells, the total of sells for the month. This values is reset the 1st day of each month.

Note: The available funds option is only visible for the dealership owner.

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