a) Slots: Depending on how many showroom slots the admin added to this dealership the number can vary or even be 0.

b) Vehicle card: It contains vehicle details, this details (like seats, speed, etc) are visible for players in the showroom.

c) Colors: You can change the vehicle color by just clicking any option.

d) Edit: It will open a new menu where you will be able to change the model displayed at this location.

The vehicle model option will only display vehicles that has stock in your dealership, this includes vehicles bought thru the Warehouse tab and from Pre Owned tab.

All the changes you make will be reflected to the showroom without needing a server restart, this is a preview on how everyone will see your vehicle when they approach to it.

Note: With pre owned vehicles displayed at showroom the current mods won't be applied, if the vehicle has neons, spoiler, etc none of this mods will be applied because sending all that info to all clients will fry their PC.

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