Note: Is really important that you DON'T hire people using other scripts or commands (/setjob or qb-management, etc), you need to use the Hire button otherwise the employee won't be available in the panel.

a) Employee info:

  • Name: The employee name and grade.

  • Orders: Amount of orders (imported vehicles) completed in the month.

  • Monthly Sells: Vehicles sold in the month, this value gets reset every 1st of month.

  • Monthly Revenue: $$$ this value gets reset every 1st of month.

  • Total Revenue: $$$ this value never is reset unless you fire the employee.

b) Hire employee: The player you want to hire needs to be close to you and you just need his player ID.

c) Actions: Here you can edit an employee (photo, grade, permissions) or fire him.


When editing an employee you will find there's a permissions section with some values in it, with a regular employee they won't have any by default and the only accessible tab for them will be Overview.

  • Auctions: This permission gives access to the Auctions tab and to place bids using the dealership funds.

  • Buy Vehicles: Players with this permission can buy stock from the Warehouse tab using dealership funds.

  • Employees: Gives access to the employees tab and to edit existing employees from dealership, don't worry if you are the owner no one can fire you.

  • Orders: This permission gives access to the Orders tab where you can do the contracts to import vehicles previously bought from auctions or warehouse tab.

  • Payments: Permission to see the list of all players who have an active financing with the dealership.

  • Pre Owned: If the dealership is allowed to buy players vehicles, this permission will give you access to the pre owned tab and to buy player vehicles using the dealership funds and the contract item/command.

  • Sell Vehicle: This permission enables the Sell Vehicle in Warehouse tab.

  • Settings: Gives access to the settings tab where you can change the dealership name, webhook and logo.

  • Showroom: With this permission you are able to change the vehicles displayed at the showroom and their colors.

  • Test Drive: Enables the Test Drive button in warehouse and pre owned tab.

  • Warehouse: Gives access to the warehouse tab where you can see the dealership vehicles, buy more stock, sell vehicles and do test drive.

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