a) Stock: Available stock for this vehicle.

b) Place order: You can order more stock from this vehicle and create contracts (Orders). Note: This option will be disabled if the "Available in warehouse" option from admin panel isn't checked. Admin Panel

c) Test Drive: You can spawn the vehicle for test drive. Note: This option will be disabled if the vehicle doesn't have any stock or if the player doesn't have the needed permissions. You can make the vehicle available for test without needing stock in config.

d) Sell Vehicle:

  • Player ID: The player who's gonna buy the vehicle, needs to be close to you during the process.

  • Price: The price they will pay, take the Base Price as reference and add the commission or any extra fee you want.

  • Payments: Please note that payments are NOT automatically deducted from the player, he needs to make them manually. If the customer don't want any financing set 1

  • Garage: The garage where the vehicle will be stored once the purchase is confirmed, it can't be spawned after purchase.

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