Events and Controls

You have some events to customize the script as you want and make it fully compatible with how your server works.

- Open tuning shop from external scripts.

-- It can be triggered client/server side 
-- needs to receive an argument with the name of the tuning shop:


-- If you don't send the tuner shop as argument or it doesn't exist in Config 
-- the script will print the next errors:

"[ERROR] You need to send a valid shop name as argument"
"[ERROR] Invalid tuner shop name: "

- Hide/Show Hud

-- The next event is triggered when you enter/exit from tuner menu 
-- and it will send a boolean as argument.
RegisterNetEvent('av_tuning:hud', function(status)
    if status then
        -- Hide your HUD where inside tuner menu
        -- Show your HUD, tuner menu is already closed.
  • Use Caps Lock to enable/disable the free camera mod.

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