• Download and install (NOT

1) Install the tables in database:

  • Add import.sql to your database.

  • If using ESX run the esx_db.sql in your database.

2) Add the contract item to your Framework/Inventory:

  • If your inventory supports item metadata import the item from _ITEMS folder.

  • If your inventory doesn't support item metadata ignore this step.

3) Read and modify the config files (everything in config folder):

  • Everything in config have a short comment so you can know what it's used for.

4) Translate the UI:

  • You can translate the UI in web/build/lang.json

  • Please be really careful with this file or you will break the whole UI.

Note: Never edit veh_specs.json or dealerships.json files or you will break the whole script.

5) Add your webhook for logs:

  • Go to server/framework/_framework.lua line 2

Import all your vehicles

  • First thing you have to do before creating dealerships is import all your server vehicles, go to an open field like the airport and use the command /veh_data (needs admin permission)

  • You will start to see all your server vehicles being spawned in front of you, you can open F8 console to know what is happening, it will print you when is finished (can take up to 2 or 3 minutes depends on how many vehicles you have).

  • You can also import one single vehicle by specifying the model when using the command: /veh_data sultanrs this will only import the vehicle sultanrs.

  • Once the process is finished you will be able to see and edit all vehicles using your admin panel.

Permissions problems

  • A pretty common problem with QBCore servers are the permissions not being setup correctly in their server.cfg, if you are 100% sure you have the needed admin level and you are receiving the "You don't have permissions" message, setup your permissions correctly by following this guide.

Garage Config

  • Make sure to setup your garages before using the script, by default the garages listed in config/garages.lua are from qb-garages.

  • This only applies for servers that have unique garages.

  • If using ESX and unique garages make sure to edit the query in server/framework/buy.lua line 37 and 72.

Custom Framework

  • All the Framework functions are open, there's nothing framework related encrypted. You can make the script compatible with your current Framework by editing the files inside framework folders in client and server.

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