In this file you can find all the available animations for item props.

When a player registers a new item using the laptop, they can choose the prop/animation to use, this list is fetched from Config.Props table.

value: string > needs to match with a key index from Config.Animations otherwise the script won't be able to get the prop, animation dict, time, and all other data.

label: string > how the player will see the prop option in the dropdown menu of laptop.

jobs: table or false > if false then all jobs can use this prop, if table then only the jobs from this table will be able to use it.

type: table > item types that can use this prop, this can't be false.

  • This is how a player sees the new item menu before selecting the Product Type:

  • When the Product Type is defined the menu will only show the animations that are available for that item type and for the player job, we are using Product Type = "drink" and the only option now is "soda":

  • If the animation options doesn't match the player item, like now that we are registering a milkshake, using a soda prop will look weird, we can skip the animation field and the script will use a default animation, default animation is defined at the end of Config.Animations and is named "default":

  • If the item doesn't have a prop defined we will use this default animation, if you decide to add a new animation for a milkshake or whatever item your players registered, they can edit all existing products and update the animations so it can use the new ones you added instead of the default.

IMPORTANT: If you give an item created by av_business but using an admin command or an external script, the animation and ingredients will NOT work, this is because the item needs metadata and this metadata is only created when you craft the item using av_business.

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