Business can enable/disable their blip, you can use this feature by adding manually all business blips to the Config.Blips table, make sure to follow the format of the uwu_cafe example:

[index key] needs to match the business job name.

x, y and z are the coordinates, you can get those using txadmin or any other admin menu.

label is how players will see the blip name on map.

sprite is the blip icon

color is the blip color

online can be true or false, if true, the blip will be always enabled after a server restart and the business can turn it off by using the laptop.

  • Business can toggle their blip by clicking the On/Off icon in their business app

This option will not work if the business blip is not registered in the Config.Blips table.

Notify Players

  • If your server supports it, you can send an alert to all players when a business is opened, in server/editable/blips.lua > line 10 you can add your own TriggerClientEvent to notify all clients.

  • cooldownTime will prevent players from spamming this notification, notification will not be triggered again until cooldown is over, default is 1 minute after last notification from same business.

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