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  • Business APP includes a log system for every business where they can be notified when something happens in game, you can restrict logs by job setting a table of whitelisted jobs in config like this:

Default Logs

  • Applications: It will receive a message on Discord when a new job application is submitted, the embed will include the player real name taken automatically, the phone which is submitted manually by the player, email is manually submitted too, description written by the player and player identifier in case is a troll and the business needs to report it to the administration.

  • Cashier: Business can receive an alert when there's a new sell generated from the cashiers zones, this includes the customer name, the amount paid by the customer, employee commission (you can change this in config), business revenue and the list of products adquired.

  • Rating: Business can receive feedback from their customers, the log includes the customer starts (from 1 to 5), a message from the customer and the customer identifier in case is a troll and business needs to report it to administration.

  • Duty: Receive an alert when an employee gets on/off duty, the embed includes the employee name and identifier.

  • Employees: Receive an alert when a boss or someone with bank permissions sends a bonus to an employee, when someone is hired or fired or when someone grade is modified.

  • Bank: Triggered when a player with bank permissions adds/removes funds from the business account.

  • Items: Get notified when someone in your business adds or deletes a product.

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