Properties are located in config/blackmarket.lua and config/upgrades.lua

How it works

  • Every 5 minutes the server will loop thru all available labs, if the lab have the needed ingredients it will start the cooking function. If the lab doesn't have any ingredients it will skip it and try again in the next loop.

  • Once cooking is over, the processed items will be added to the Product Stash, if the stash is full or there's not enough ingredients the lab status will change to Stopped, players can see this status in the Properties tab.

  • If the cooking process is successful it will add a cooldown to the lab, this cooldown can be found in upgrades.lua > processTime.

  • Processed items will store the strain name and purity as metadata, you can use this in your own scripts.


  • Production: This upgrade reduces the lab cooldown time, increases purity and the amount of processed drug per ingredient. Depending on the production level, it will spawn more NPC inside the lab.

  • Stash: Increases the ingredients and product stash size and weight, this will make the lab be able to process more drugs.

  • Security: This upgrade comes by default on every property and applies the same for all, higher the security it will make more difficult the raid minigame, for more info about this read the raid section.


  • The properties config had to be splitted into 2 files, in both files you can find a lot of comments explaining what every field does, please be sure to read it and if you don't understand it or you aren't 200% sure what you are doing feel free to use the support Discord channel.

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