• By default only some K4mb1 shells are configured but you can add your own by running the following command:

/shell + shell_model
  • For example: /shell shell_coke2 will spawn me in this coke lab:

  • Now what you need to do is go to config/_shells.lua and copy/paste any of the already created zones, for this example I'm duplicating k4mb1_acid2_shell, as you can see all the info is the same I just replaced the index key with the shell name.

  • We need the door offsets, walk to the door and press H, the coords will the added to your clipboard, paste them in the config and repeat the process for intereactions zones, peds and everything else.

  • Once you finish, restart the script and run the command /shell + shell_model, you will be teleported back to the lab but now there will be some peds and zones for stashes.

Sometimes the NPC can be floating in the air, just lower the z coord until they touch the ground. Stashes aren't meant to work in test shell, you can preview the zone but can't interact with it.

  • If you are happy with the results go to config/blackmarket.lua and add the shell in the category where it belongs, for this example is a lab so we will just copy/paste the data from acid2_shell

Don't forget to change the index key and shell fields with the new shell. Edit all the other fields like photo, price, description, title, ingredients, etc.. Remember that I used random values and is on you to edit it to fit your server needs.

Crafting Points

  • I added a crafting zone in _shells.lua line 199, change the event to your own crafting event or remove the line, I just added it as an idea of what you can trigger inside the shell.

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