This only applies to servers running QBCore Framework...

  • If you can't open certain admin commands even when you have the needed ranks (admin), is because you are missing some permissions in your server.cfg

  • Here are my permissions, compare it with yours and replace the identifiers with yours, restart the server and everything will work.

  • It still shows "You don't have permissions" message?, compare the permissions code again, you are missing the latest one, for some reason TxAdmin recipe doesn't add it.

## Permissions ##
add_ace group.admin command allow # allow all commands
#add_principal identifier.{{principalMasterIdentifier}} qbcore.god <- doesn't exist yet, change the generated one below to qbcore.god
add_principal identifier.fivem:REPLACE_ME group.admin

# Resources
add_ace resource.qb-core command allow # Allow qb-core to execute commands

# Gods
add_ace qbcore.god command allow # Allow all commands

# Inheritance
add_principal qbcore.god group.admin # Allow gods access to the main admin group used to get all default permissions
add_principal qbcore.god qbcore.admin # Allow gods access to admin commands
add_principal qbcore.admin qbcore.mod # Allow admins access to mod commands

# Most servers are missing this permission line:
add_principal identifier.license:REPLACE_ME qbcore.god 

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