AV Boosting


  • Go to _ITEMS folder and import the items to your inventory system.

  • Import the import_me_first.sql in your database.

  • Download and install PS-UI for minigames: https://github.com/Project-Sloth/ps-ui

How it works

  • Boosting is an App where you join a queue and get random contracts based on your current XP level.

  • Vehicles can have a tracking device which will alert cops with the current vehicle position in their map, you will need a hacker as passenger to remove the tracking device.

  • Hacker must have an special item and used while the vehicle is moving, when the hacker completes all hacks the driver will be able to see the delivery point in his map.

  • You now have to lose the cops, the delivery point won't work if there's cops around the zone.

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