Admin Command

  • You can use the command /boosting:contract to open the menu and give a contract to a specific player.

Contract Options

  • Once you have received a contract from the Queue system or an admin, you will be able to see them in the Contracts tab.

  • Start: You will need to pay a fee to start the contract and you will have 2 options for delivery, the normal delivery consist in lockpick the vehicle and drop it to the marked location to receive your crypto or the other option is Vinscratch which is lockpick the vehicle, drive to a mechanic shop and scratch the vin number so you can keep it and use it as a normal vehicle, you will not receive any crypto with this option and it will be more expensive that the normal delivery.

  • Transfer: If you don't want this contract you can transfer it to another player.

  • Auction: Another alternative if you don't want the contract but you want to receive some crypto, put the contract for auction and if there's someone interested he can bid and use it.

  • Delete: Remove the contract, no one will be able to use it.

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