AV Music


  • Go to _ITEMS folder and import the item CD to your inventory.
  • Open config.lua and customize your job and interaction marks, make sure to match the logo width and height so it looks fine in the APP.
  • You have 2 interior coords by default: Gabz Triad Records and Gabz Studio.
  • Marks are job restricted, here you can press E to open the menu and you will see 2 options: Add Song and Burn CD:

Add Song

  • Write the Artist and Song names, for Song URL you have to paste a Soundcloud link:
  • Songs are added to the Laptop Music App automatically:

Burn CD

  • Record labels can burn CD to promote their songs with other players, in the same menu where we registered the previous song you have another option called Burn CD where you will see your label songs and select the one you want to burn in CD:
  • CD's are items, players can use them and a miniplayer will pop up on their screen, you can walk while listening to the song:
  • Use command /nui to enable/disable the cursor to manipulate the player.

Soundcloud Playlist

  • Playlist are supported only with the mini player (CD version), they won't work with Laptop APP.
Last modified 7mo ago