All Vehicles

In this section you can see the full list of vehicles available on your server, if you add more vehicles to the server you will need to run the /veh_data command again.

Note: You can also import one single vehicle by specifying the model when using the command: /veh_data sultanrs this will only import the vehicle sultanrs.

  • Category: The category this vehicle belongs to (compacts, muscle, SUV, sports, etc).

  • Base Price: This is the price the dealerships can buy the vehicle from the Warehouse Tab, make sure to modify it to match your server economy.

  • Dealerships: The amount of dealerships where this vehicle is available and sold if they have stock available.

  • Auction: If true, this vehicle can be used for server automated auctions.

  • Warehouse: If true, dealerships can buy stock from this vehicle from Warehouse tab.

Editing Vehicles

When editing a single vehicle you can change different fields:

  • Photo: If the vehicle doesn't have a photo (photos are retrieved from Fivem docs) you can set a custom one using an URL.

  • Base Price: Price the dealerships can buy stock from this vehicle.

  • Category: You can change the vehicle category.

  • Dealerships: This is a list of dealerships where this vehicle will be available, only the dealerships from the list can buy stock or place a bid in auctions tab for this vehicle.

  • Auction: The auctions system can use this vehicle to generate an auction.

  • Warehouse: Dealerships can order stock from this vehicle.

When editing vehicles in bulk, all the fields that you leave unchecked, empty or that u modify will be applied to all the vehicles you selected, be really careful with this option.

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