Buy/Sell Vehicles

Sell Vehicles

  • Vehicle Model: This field is blocked and is used just to display the vehicle you are trying to sell.

  • Base Price: This field is blocked and you can use it as reference for setting the price.

  • Player ID: The customer ID, it will need to be close to you during the sale.

  • Price: The price it will pay, make sure to include all fees.

  • Payments: The payments that the client will have to make to terminate the financing contract.

  • Garage: The garage where the vehicle will be stored after purchase.

The customer will receive this message where they need to confirm the payment to complete the purchase.

Both seller and customer will receive a notification when the payment is confirmed or rejected. If the vehicle is sold the stock will be updated at the dealership panel and the owner will be able to retrieve their vehicle at the Garage.

Buy Players Vehicles

If the player have the needed permissions it can access the Pre Owned tab where using the Print Contract button can print a contract (item) to purchase other players vehicles

If you set Config.MetadataInventory = false in config, the option won't give you an item, it will give you access to use the command from Config.BuyVehicleCommand

A new input will show, here you can set the offer for the vehicle owner, make sure to have enough funds in your dealership or the transaction will be rejected by server.

The vehicle owner will receive your offer and can accept or decline it, make sure the vehicle and the owner are close to you or the server will cancel the transaction.

Once the transaction is completed, the dealership employee will receive a confirmation message and the same for the vehicle owner.

The customer will receive their money and you are gonna get the vehicle delivered to your dealership, you can now resell it or use it to display at the showroom.

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