AV Black Market


  • Add your desired items and shop categories inside config.lua
  • Add your items .png images inside av_laptop/web/build/blackmarket folder


  • In the App you can find multiple categories and each one have the items that you previously configured, you can set stock for every item and it won't let players buy more than that:
  • Button will be blocked when there's no stock left for that item:
  • Once you added your items to the cart, you can click the cart icon and complete the purchase:
  • Purchases are not inmediatly processed by the server, there's a small cooldown that varies from player to prevent any attempt of exploit the stock limit by purchasing at the same time.
  • Once you made the purchase, a new blip will appear in your map:
  • You can get your items by using the target system at the trailer door
  • Note: Items are stored even after server restarts, players can collect their items at any time.