AV Black Market

With this resource players can buy illegal items in server, the system have a stock system per server restart, if it runs out of stock no one will be able to buy that item till next server restart.


  • The installation for this script should be pretty simple, you don't need to register items or import any sql file, we can go straight to the config.lua to setup the categories and items.


  • Inside config/_config.lua you can find a list with the default categories, you can add as many as you want.

['hacker'] = { 
    label = "Hacker", -- category label, how the player will see it in laptop
    canAccess = function() -- do a client side check here, true/false if the player can access the category
        if exports['av_laptop']:getJob().name == "police" then
            return false -- We dont't want cops to access this category so we are returning false
        return true
    items = {
        {name = "dongle", label = "Dongle", stock = 20, price = 50, account = "cosmo", accountLabel = "Cosmo"},
        {name = "hacking_device", label = "Hacking Device", stock = 99, price = 100, account = "cosmo", accountLabel = "Cosmo"},

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