AV Cameras

  • Add the item from ReadMe to your Framework
  • All cameras have an expiration date which is 2 days from installation, you can edit this time in config.lua
  • Why cameras expires after X days? Because cameras are kinda OP, nobody wants infinite criminal cameras inside Mission Row monitoring PD 24/7.
  • The expiration time will be read every resource restart, meaning if a camera is already expired but the server/script haven't been restarted the camera will continue working untill the expiration check runs (when resource is started/restarted)

Create a Group

  • Before installing a camera you need to create a group.
  • Open your laptop and use CamPro App, click on Create Group button and give the group a name:
  • Once the group is created you can start placing your GoPro anywhere, use the item and search for a wall:
  • Use your keyboard left and right keys to rotate camera, the green laser indicates where the camera will aim when watching it:
  • Give it a name and assign a group:
  • Now you can watch your camera from your CamPro APP:
  • You can share camera access to anyone by using the Share button and entering the player ID:
  • You can also share a full group to anyone: