Add Gang

  • Gangs needs to be manually added to the Graffiti System in Config.lua
  • After you register a gang using the in game command /gang:register go to the file gangs.json and search for the gang name:
  • That same name add it to the Gangs.Spray and fill the other values (Grafiti, blipColor and ped):

Spray Shop

  • Only gang members can talk and buy spray/spray remover from the NPC.
  • You can buy 1 spray and 1 spray remover per gang each server restart.

Placing Graffiti

  • Each Spray item have metadata with the gang name saved, only that gang can use the item.
  • To place a Graffiti use the item and search for a wall, you can rotate the graffiti by using the left and right arrow keys.
  • After placing the Graffiti you will notice a new blip zone in your map.
  • Note: You can't use the spray item inside an existing gang zone.
Last modified 4mo ago