Dependencies: - ox_lib: (don't download the source code) - oxmysql: - ps-ui: (used for boosting minigames only) 1) Almost all folders have a folder named _ITEMS where you can find the images and items list to import into your inventory script. 2) ox_lib and oxmysql needs to be started before any of the AV Laptop Pack scripts in server.cfg 3) Add a new account to your framework and name it cosmo: - For ESX: Go to es_extended/config.lua and add it to Config.Accounts. It should look something like this:

- For QBCore: Go to qb-core/config.lua and add it to QBConfig.Money.MoneyTypes and QBConfig.Money.DontAllowMinus. It should look something like this:

4) av_laptop needs to be started after any of the other scripts from pack:

## server.cfg example:

ensure oxmysql
ensure ox_lib
ensure YOUR_FRAMEWORK #(es_extended / qb-core)

ensure assets_grafitis
ensure av_blackmarket
ensure av_boosting
ensure av_cameras
ensure av_corners
ensure av_gangs
ensure av_meth
ensure av_music
ensure av_racing
ensure av_realestate
ensure av_restaurants
ensure av_runs
ensure av_laptop

5) Read the Inventory section under Renewed Phone if you are using QBCore.

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