Dependencies: - ox_lib: - oxmysql: - ps-ui: (used for boosting minigames only) 1) Almost all folders have an _ITEMS folder where you can find the images and items list to import into your inventory script. 2) Uncomment the ESX import from fxmanifest.lua if you are using latest ESX version, do this step in every script where is available. 3) ox_lib and oxmysql needs to be started before any of the AV Laptop Pack scripts in server.cfg 4) Add a new account to your framework and name it cosmo - For ESX: Go to es_extended/config.lua and add it to Config.Accounts
- For QBCore: Go to qb-core/config.lua and add it to QBConfig.Money.MoneyTypes and QBConfig.Money.DontAllowMinus
5) av_laptop needs to be started after any of the other scripts from pack:
## server.cfg example:
ensure oxmysql
ensure ox_lib
ensure assets_grafitis
ensure av_blackmarket
ensure av_boosting
ensure av_cameras
ensure av_corners
ensure av_gangs
ensure av_meth
ensure av_music
ensure av_racing
ensure av_restaurants
ensure av_laptop