AV Meth


1) Import the import_first.sql file in your Database. 2) Before starting the resource for the first time, make sure to modify the config.lua file.

3) If you want to see a list of all the tables, labs and players in cooldown and their time left, run the command /meth:cooldown

Labs Zones

Inside _config.lua you will find a table called Meth.LabsZones with the 4 labs config.

Meth.LabsZones = {
    {zone = "MURRI", entry = {969.99, -147.13, -46.4, 272.74}, key = 284673}, -- Murrieta Heights
    {zone = "DESRT", entry = {1197.86, 1853.11, -46.4, 270.6}, key = 285441}, -- Grand Senora Desert
    {zone = "DELPE", entry = {1556.45, -2134.07, -46.4, 272.99}, key = 285185}, -- Del Perro
    {zone = "PALETO", entry = {826.55, 2172.01, -46.4, 273.84}, key = 284929}, -- Paleto

Zone corresponds to the map zone where the lab entry can be placed, you can change the zone by using this map to get the label and this list to get the zone name by searching the label. Note: If you change the LabsZones after starting the script in server, you will need to edit the zones directly from file labs.json JSON files can only be edited with the resource stopped, otherwise the changes won't be saved.


This file is used to create the Meth Strains, you can edit it but make sure to have enough words in both Meth.Names1 and Meth.Names2

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