In av_racing/config/_config.lua line 61 you will find a table named Config.TracksCategories.

  • This category table is a list of available categories that players will be able to use to filter tracks, create events and register new tracks.

  • There's 4 default categories but you can add as many as you want, 3 of those categories are open meaning everyone can see them but they have a restriction, if a player is cop he won't be able to see them neither interact with them. A 4th category is locked for police use only, meaning that everyone that is not a cop won't be able to see/interact with this category.

  • What does this mean?, well, someone who's a cop can create a track for the SRU (street racing unit) and lock it to the Police category so only police officers can use it.

  • Does this mean that cops can use the racing app? Yes, but they can't access the global leaderboard tab and they won't be able to see the upcoming events that are not inside their own category neither the past events results.

  • People who can't see the police category won't be able to see the upcoming police events or their results.

  • This is how a player will see the App if is not a cop:

  • And this is how a cop will see the App:

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