Create a Race

  • If the player have the required permissions (check Permissions tab) he can access the Create Event icon in the tracks tab:

  • In this menu you need to fill all the fields marked with an asterisk, otherwise the event creation will be canceled:

  • Event name*: The name of the event, it will be displayed in the Upcoming Events section of the Home tab.

  • Password: This is optional, you can enter a password so not everyone will be able to join the event, if a player doesn't know the password it won't be able to see the event details like locations or checkpoints from the preview buttons.

  • Starts In*: Set a timer and hurry or the server will remove the event if it expires.

  • Buy-in*: The amount required to participate in the race, the account used for this can be changed from config.

  • Laps*: The amount of laps the race will have or 0 for drag.

  • Vehicle Class*: Only vehicles with the specified class can join the race, players can use the command /class to known their vehicle class or you can select the All option and let any vehicle to join the race!.

  • Event type*: Select a category type from the dropdown menu, you can see more info about categories in the categories section from this documentation site.

  • Description: A little description for the event, something you want other racers know about your event, something you wanna announce, etc.

Once you have submitted your event it will be displayed at the Home tab and everyone who meets the requirements will be able to join!

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