1) Create Motel Groups

  • Before you start adding rooms you need to create a Motel Group first, use the command /admin:motel

  • Inside this menu you can create/remove a Motel and add some rooms.

  • Note: Create the group inside the motel area, the script will grab your current coords and save them as the motel location.

2) Add Rooms

  • Select the Add Motel Room option and fill all the fields:

3) Create the door

  • Create the box zone for the room entrance and press Enter to confirm.

4) Room created

  • The room will be created but it can only be assigned to a player using the Real Estate APP in laptop.

5) Rent a room

  • Using the Real Estate APP > Motels tab, you can see a list with all the available Motel Groups, click in the group where the room you want to rent is located, click in the blue icon and add the client info:

  • The client will see the following message on screen where they can accept or reject the charge:

  • You will receive a notification if the client accepts or rejects the payment, if the player accepts it you will receive a percentage of the rent, the rest will be added to the society account:

6) Renew a room

  • All the renewals are made manually by the realtors using the APP, this is made like that to promote the RP between clients and realtors every X days. In the actions field click in the calendar icon, add the needed info to charge the customer.

7) Remove Owner / Delete Room

  • To remove a player from a room, simply double click in the red icon Remove Owner.

  • To delete a room, double click in the Delete Unit option.

  • Note: Room inventories will not be wiped.

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