Promote Properties

  • Everyone can access the Real Estate APP and see the Ads from the Home Page, make sure to use it to promote new properties.

1) Create an Ad

  • Only the players with the CreateAds permission can post new Ads in the app.

  • Click the + icon in the Home Tab of your Real Estate APP and add all the info from the property.

  • Note: Make sure to post the ad from the property location, the script will grab your current coords and use them for the property.

  • The players will be able to see the info for the property and the GPS location.

  • Only the players with DeleteAds permission can see the trash icon and remove ads.

  • Note: Players can click in your phone number to add it to clipboard.

2) Add custom categories

  • AV Real Estate doesn't include any housing script, but if you use a housing script with realtors support you can promote your houses by just adding a custom category in the _config.lua. That way you can post Storage Units, Motels, Houses, etc.

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