Spawn in Motel

  • Use the following event from the client side to spawn the player in his motel room, spawn is only possible if the player disconnected inside his room.

TriggerServerEvent('av_realestate:spawn', true) -- For spawning in the motel room
TriggerServerEvent('av_realestate:spawn', false) -- For spawning in other location
  • If you use a multi spawn script, for example qb-spawn, you need to trigger the same event when the player selects a spawn that is not his last location and send it with a false as argument. Example for qb-spawn/client.lua

  • If you don't want the players be able to spawn in their Motel you can ignore this event and don't add it, but if a player disconnects inside his Motel and reconnects, he will fall thru the floor.

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