Storage Units

1) Create a Storage Group

  • Use the admin command /admin:storages at the zone where you want to create the unit.

  • Create a group name and set how many units can be added.

  • Place the interaction zone and press Enter to confirm.

  • When you interact with the zone there's a default menu option that is displayed to everyone "Open Storage Unit", this option will display all the units that are already assigned. A 2nd option called "Add Storage Unit" will be available for people with the CreateStorage permission.

2) Add Storage Unit

  • You can add a new storage unit by clicking this option, there's a limit for how many storages you can create at the same zone (defined when you create the group).

  • You can customize the inventory slots and weight per unit.

  • Once the unit is added, you will NOT see it in the "Open Storage Unit" option until is assigned to a player using the Real Estate APP.

3) Rent a Storage Unit

  • In the Real Estate APP > Storages tab you can see a list with all the Groups and their units. Expand the Group to see all the available units, click the in the blue person icon and add all the customer info:

  • The client will receive the following message on screen where they can accept or reject the charge:

  • You will receive a notification on screen when the player accepts or rejects the charge. A percentage of the price will be added to the realtor and the rest will be added to the society account.

  • All payments are charged manually, this is made to promote the RP between the realtor and the client.

4) Password

  • After the storage unit has been assigned, it can be accessed in the "Open Storage Unit" option and everyone who knows the password can access it. The default password is 1234, the owner can modify it the first time, if he needs to modify it again he needs to contact a realtor who can reset it making double click in the APP, the password will be reseted back to 1234 and the client will be able to modify it again.

5) Remove Owner / Delete Unit

  • To remove an owner from an unit simply double click in the Remove Owner option, the storage unit will be delisted and no one will be able to access it until you assign it to another player.

  • To delete an unit simply double click in the Delete Unit option.

  • Note: None of the items will be removed if you remove an owner or delete an unit.

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