Create Zones

  • To create a new zone use command /restaurant (you need admin level).

  • Select the job from the dropdown menu, the interaction distance is how far from the point the player will be able to interact with the zone and the zone type:

  • A blue marker will be rendered, place it where you want the zone to be created and make sure it collides with an object otherwise the target system won't be able to detect it. Press E to confirm and continue.

  • A red box will be rendered where you can rotate it, increase or decrease the width and lenght, etc. Double check there's an object inside the red box or the target system won't detect it. Press enter to confirm the zone and finish.

  • The zone is now ready to use. While some zones are job restricted, in this guide, we used the cashier zone. In the cashier zone, only the 'Cashier' option is restricted, so customers will only see the 'Pay' option.

  • If zone creation fails and the target is not detecting the zone, you can use the command /restaurants to open the menu. From there, select the Edit Zone option and choose your current restaurant. Here, you will find a list of all the zones you have created. Delete the one you wish to re-register.

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