• Before installing this resource on your live server, customize the available ingredients for player food recipes.

  • Go to config/config.lua line 26, here you will find a table with some items already added, this are just examples and if you want to use them make sure to register them in your inventory/framework.

  • When your players register a new product using the Business APP, they will see a list with all the ingredients that you registered, they will need to select 3 ingredients that matches their recipe type.

  • I recommend avoiding excessive ingredient specificity. For instance, instead of registering 20 types of cheese, you can simply register one item as 'cheese', allowing everyone to use it in their recipes.

  • Where can my players find this ingredient items?... That's on you, use one of the many farming resources available at the Fivem forums, or create a shop that sells all the ingredients using your favorite shop script, your inventory (if supported), etc.

  • Or you can just disable the ingredients by changing the Config.UseIngredients = false.

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