Player Cameras

Before reading or trying to install a camera, make sure to create a group in the laptop app, read the Groups section from this guide.

Camera Types

  • In config you can register different camera items and set a specific configuration for each of them (battery duration and option to be installed in vehicles).

Installing a camera

  • Use the item from the inventory, you will see a blue marker in front of your character, make sure to point to a wall until marker gets green, press E to confirm and continue with the installation.

  • A camera prop with a green laser will spawn, use the arrow keys to rotate it and make sure the green laser points to the direction you want the camera to cover.

  • Name the camera and select the group from the dropdown menu, click confirm to continue.

  • The screen will change and it will show you want the camera is watching, you can use the arrow keys to move the camera and/or hold shift + arrow keys to rotate it, the movement is limited to prevent weird bugs, you can cancel the process and place the camera again if the location is bugged.

  • Go to the laptop, you should be able to see the camera in your App, the battery life is the hours left before the camera becomes inaccessible.

  • You also have some camera options where you can choose to share it with some of your friends or delete it, if you share it then you and your friend will be able to watch it at the same time.

  • You can also share a full group by just right clicking in the group name and selecting the Share Group option, the whole group and cameras will be shared with your friend.

  • When watching a camera you will be able to change to other cameras of the same group using the menu at the left top, press ESC to exit.

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