App Shop

Buying Items

  • You can buy Meth Tables and Lab Keys (availables at lvl 3) in your APP:
  • When you buy an item, a blip in your map will appear as "Delivery", go there and use your Target System inside the garage door to get your items:
  • Items are stored even thru server restarts, players can pick them up whenever they want.

Items Renewal

  • All the Meth Items (Tables and Labs) expire, if you don't renew them they will be blocked for use untill you pay your debt. Meth table will explode if is expired.

Transfer Items

  • If other person uses your meth table or lab, the item and the debt will be transfered to this new player, you can get it back by using the item again. This way players can rob other players table or lab key.
Last modified 1yr ago