• You need level 3 to unlock lab keys in the Meth App.
  • Keys are limited, there's only 4 labs available for purchase, once they get out of stock the lab key option will be locked in the APP.
  • A player can't buy more than 1 key per server restart.
  • Once you got a lab key, use the item and it will give you a zone where you can go and place the lab entrance
  • Once you are in the zone, use the key and search for a door to place the entrance, press H to confirm.
  • You will now see a message like this one
  • People can enter the lab if you use the key again to open the door, otherwise no one (including you) will be able to enter.
  • You can use the key in front of the entrace to open/close the lab, don't forget to close when you leave!.

How to cook

  • Turn on the lab by using your target system at the panel (you need the lab key with you).
  • You are gonna need the ingredient called Ammonia to start cooking:
  • You will see another 3 bars, depending on your strain and input you can now reach level 100 of purity
  • Start cooking...
  • After cooking you will receive an item called meth tray.


  • You can go to this table and start packaging the meth from the meth tray
  • You will receive 1 meth batch and you can repeat the process up to 5 times before the lab enters in a 4 hours cooldown.
  • Anyone can do the cook and packaging process, while you are packaging your friend can be cooking a new tray.
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