• The main dependency is ox_lib, make sure to download the compiled resource and NOT the source code, the one you need to download is named Download here:

  • ox_lib needs to be started before any of my scripts in your server.cfg, example:


  • av_laptop and any of its apps are only compatible with the following inventories: qb-inventory, origen_inventory, quasar inventory, ox_inventory, lj-inventory and ps-inventory

If you are not using one of this inventories OR you are using a modified/inspired version of this scripts it might not be compatible and is on you to make it work so please use only the official versions of the inventories.


  • av_laptops and any of its apps are only compatible with the following Frameworks: QBCore and ESX.

If you are not using QBCore or ESX official versions please read Custom Framework/Inventory


  • Please read the config.lua, all options have a comment that explains how it works.

  • The script will auto detect your Framework, it will "fail" if your qb-core or es_extended are named differently, if that's your case change the Framework manually in config/_framework.lua and any other file where is needed (use a search word function to find what to edit).

  • Open _ITEMS folder, inside you can find a file named, inside you will find some needed items and you have to copy/paste into your Framework/Inventory to register the items.

  • Note: For some reason qb-core and some other inventories have the item laptop already registered, make sure to delete it and use the one provided in

Common issues

I use the laptop item but nothing happens

  • Verify your server console (not F8 console that's client), if there's any error saying you are missing some export or X export doesn't exist in X inventory, do the following: - Open config/_inventory.lua and set your inventory resource name in Config.Inventory - Restart the script - The error remains? You are using an inventory that is not compatible: You are either using an old version of the inventory or you are using an inspired/based inventory, I only support official versions. - Is your inventory supported but it keeps printing a missing export error? You need to read and follow the Installation > Inventory section.

  • If there's no prints server side? Use command /debug av_laptop this will enable debug mode in av_laptop without need a resource restart, use the item again, if you DON'T see any print in your server console is because the item is already registered in a different resource, you can't have the same item in multiple resources. - Solution: Change the item name in Config and add it to your Framework/Inventory.

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