• Stations are zones where players can place laptops to charge battery or even pay for a factory reset.

  • This feature is only available with ox_inventory, sadly other inventories doesn't have the needed exports.

Charging Stations

  • Charging stations are stashes where laptops can be stored and will recharge their battery over time.

  • Every 5 minutes (configurable in av_laptop/config/stations.lua) all laptops inside charging stations will load some battery until reach 100%.

Reset Stations

  • Players can use this stations to factory reset a laptop (remove serial and password, it won't charge the battery).

  • You need to open the charging station and click the Stash option, deposit the laptop you want to reset.

  • Click the Reset Laptop option from menu and wait for the progress bar to finish.

  • Now you can link the laptop with your identifier and password, all the info from the past owner got removed.


  • Charging and Reset zones can be restricted to a job so not everyone will be able to open them.

  • Reset stations are not free, check your config.

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