Custom Framework/Inventory

  • Laptop and all Laptop APPs are compatible with QBCore and ESX Framework by default, if you want to make it compatible with other Frameworks like Qbox, ND, VRP, etc, is on you to make the needed modifications and make it work, all Framework/Inventory functions are inside client/server > framework folders.

  • None of the Laptop APP have encrypted Framework or Inventory functions, everything is handled thru the laptop exports and those exports are inside client/framework/exports.lua and server/framework/exports.lua

  • Please note that you are responsible of the modifications you are doing while converting the script, I can't provide any support because I have 0 clue how your custom Framework/Inventory works.

IMPORTANT: Even if your server uses ESX/QBCore but is a modified version made or sold by X person, this doesn't guarantee the script will work, all my scripts are made using the official Framework repositories and most of those ppl who sell pre made servers uses really old versions of the Framework which can/can't be compatible with my scripts. I'm not responsible for this and will NOT give any support if this is your case, please only use the official Framework files.

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