Read the Admin Panel first, otherwise you won't be able to place a graffiti because of missing image URL

  • Spray and Spray Remover can be purchased with a NPC, the config for this can be found in config/shop.lua

  • Only gang members can talk to him, other people will be automatically rejected.

Spray Limitations

  • The spray item stores metadata: the gang name that bough it and an expiration time.

  • Only the gang who bought it can use it.

  • The expiration time is set to 6 hours by default. If the item is not used within this period, it will expire and become unusable. Check config/sprays.lua

  • There's a daily limit on how many sprays a gang can buy, default is 1.

Use Spray

  • Make sure to be close to the wall where you want to place the graffiti, use the item and a green sphere will show on screen, create a rectangle where the graffiti will be generated:

  • If the rectangle is too small or too big it won't generate the graffiti and an error message will pop up, you can change the graffiti settings in config/sprays.lua > SpraySettings

  • The graffiti will be generated in the middle of the rectangle, this is just a preview and it needs you to confirm by pressing E

  • Once you confirm it will start the spray animation, graffiti will be synced server side and the gang zone will be generated on map.

Spray Remover

  • This item can be only used by gang members, you can edit the check in client/editable/spray.lua for ppl who wants to let cops remove graffitis, is on you to make the needed modifications for this.

  • If there are enough gang members online, you will be able to start the animation. Otherwise you will need to wait until there are sufficient members from the graffiti gang online, or you can lower the required number in config/sprays.lua

  • Gang members will receive a notification and a blip on map alerting about their graffiti being removed.

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